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I’m New

How Do I Get There?

Address is 255 Woolwich St.
The Route 99 Mainline bus goes directly past our building from either direction. The closest stop is London St.

How Do I Enter?

The main entrance off Woolwich St. is accessible. Just inside the front doors we have stairs on either side or there is an elevator that will take you upstairs to our sanctuary where the morning service is held. The bathrooms are located on the main floor.

Where Do I Park?

Parking is available in our parking lot at the side of and behind the church. There is a spot to chain your bike by our side door if you come by bicycle.

What Should I Wear?

Dress comfortably. There are people who dress in their “Sunday best” and there are people who dress very casually. We are not concerned about what you are wearing. We are glad that you would come and check out our church.

What is a Worship Service Like?
What Do We Believe?