Join us Good Friday as we stop, pause and linger. 

Our lives are filled with love and loss. We find ourselves often wondering where God is in the middle of it all. The truth is that He is right there…with us…feeling deeply our pains and our loneliness. He is acquainted with our grief and is familiar with the darkness.  

Let’s spend time together and let the weight and meaning of this Good Friday shine a light, never before seen, on the Easter that is to come! 

When we connect with the life that Christ offers us, our lives transform in ways we cannot imagine.  We reconnect with what is important, we experience receiving and giving compassion and mercy, we live from the inside out, and we are able to live our best life.

Easter gives us the opportunity to reflect on how to become like Jesus, how to determine what is important, and how we can accept his invitation to become our true selves.