Welcome to First Baptist’s Room Rental Page.  Here you will find room size and availability, time slots available and pricing.  This page will be updated regularly.

If your group would like to pursue a new rental agreement with First Baptist Church, the information below outlines our new operating hours and current rental rates:

Rooms Available
Parlour – 10 people maximum
Gym – 50 people maximum

Open Times – one group at a time
Tuesday  8am – 11am
Wednesday  8am – 11am
Thursday  8am – 11am
Monday  4pm – 10pm – unavailable
Tuesday  4pm – 10pm – unavailable
Thursday 4pm – 10pm – unavailable
Saturday 4pm – 10pm – unavailable
Sunday afternoons (reserved for community church organizations) – unavailable

Parlour: $100/month 1x/week (2 hours + setup) limited storage, no kitchen use during COVID

Gym: $150/month 1x/week (2 hours + setup) limited storage, no kitchen use during COVID

Gym: $225/month for 2x/week (2 hours + setup) limited storage, no kitchen use during COVID

Note:  The Church does not provide insurance coverage for groups using the facility.  Your groups will need to provide proof of insurance for $2,000,000 liability.

Note: Once social distancing restrictions ease, some groups may be able to move from the gym back into the Parlour.

Please click here to view our Rental Policy.

Next Steps
Contact Amy in the Church Office (office@fbcg.ca) to reserve your time slot and get started on completing a rental agreement with First Baptist Church.

Additional Information Surrounding Guidelines in the building during COVID-19

According to Public Health, “Places of worship that freely offer or rent spaces within their facilities to other groups or businesses must ensure that these groups or businesses abide by all orders of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and all applicable public health guidance documents.  The operator is responsible for ensuring that any parties renting or using space in the place of worship have plans and mechanisms in place to prevent infection transmission amongst their staff, volunteers, and patrons.”  In addition to a new rental agreement, agreeing to our current building use policies and providing the church with proof of liability insurance of $2,000,000 (which you are already familiar with) there are a few additional guidelines and practices that the groups will need to follow under the COVID-19 restrictions.

As of September 18, 2020, masks are required at all times in public spaces in our building.

Please be familiar with Proof of Vaccination requirements for your meetings. 

Groups will need to screen their participants. Any who do not feel well or who have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days cannot be permitted entry.  You will need to enforce this.

Please record the names of attendees each meeting, for contract tracing purposes only.  We do not require a copy of your list.  For privacy reasons, please keep this information secure.  Please provide the church with the name and contact information of the person keeping this record.

Please be familiar with Public Health’s guidelines

No food or drinks to be served at this time.  The kitchens are closed.  No individual outside food or drinks to be brought in. We will inform you as this changes.

Everyone needs to hand sanitize upon entry.

Please limit your group to one entry and exit point (front doors or back doors not both).  Please limit your group to one bathroom location (the ones in the front hall or the ones behind the gym not both).  Please keep your group in your rented room only.  Exception:  Accessible or gender-neutral restrooms, accessible entrances.

If we determine that your group is not taking these safety precautions seriously or following public health’s guidelines, we will no longer be able to allow you to use our building.