We are excited to welcome you back into the church building.
Please read below for a few points we have outlined for a comfortable and safe return to Church.
Following Municipal and Public Health guidelines, masks be worn at all times while in the building.

  • Social Distancing

Please observe the provincial guidelines of maintaining a safe distance of six feet between you and others not of your household.

Please use only the front entrance as we strive to maintain the flow of traffic.  Markers are on the floor to aid in social distancing.

Certain pews have been marked closed to allow for social distancing. The balcony is open and the flow in that area will be one way as well.

  • Masks

Masks are required at all times in the church building.  

  • Worship

As much as we would like to hear the collective voices of the congregation singing during worship, we cannot at this time.  During the worship portion of the service, please refrain from singing out loud.

  • Flow of Traffic

Church will have a one-way flow.  Upon entering the building you will take the stairs to the right.  The elevator will be available for those who require it.  

Church will be dismissed by sections from the pulpit to avoid bottlenecks.  Please follow the exit signs and descend the stairs opposite of those you entered.  

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations.

Hand sanitizing will be available upon entering the building. 

A secondary station will be available at the contact tracing registry.

  • Occupancy Restrictions

We will follow the provincial guidelines of “the capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2m".

  • Nursery Facilities

Nursery facilities will remain closed.

  • Bathrooms

To maintain social distancing please limit one person at a time to the bathrooms.

  • Hymn Books and Bibles

Hymn books and Bibles have been removed from the pews. We understand that some people prefer to use hymn books but we are thinking about sanitizing.  All the words to the music will be up on the screens. 

  • Restricted Areas

In order to minimize the quantity of rooms that we need to sanitize, some areas will be restricted.

We ask that you do not use the back entrance and stairway.  Please do not enter the Parlour.  Please refrain from entering the hallway past the ladies washroom, unless you need access to the accessible or gender neutral washrooms through the gym.  The kitchen and gym itself is closed.

  • Health Awareness

Please practice self-screening.  Please do not come to the church if you are feeling unwell, have a cough or fever, have difficulty breathing or have travelled outside of Canada within 14 days of the service you are attending.  We will be screening upon entrance to the building.

  • Fellowship

We understand how much we miss fellowship. We are encouraging everyone to fellowship once leaving the building.  Please maintain social distance when greeting or speaking to others.

  • Final Thoughts

In all things, please be mindful of others. If you are ill, stay home; if you are at church, please be respectful of the safeguards put in place.  People are at different levels of comfort surrounding this pandemic and everyone has the right to feel safe while in our building.

Thank you for your faithfulness to First Baptist Church, we are excited to hear how God has worked in your life since we saw you last.