Pastoral Team Leader, First Baptist Church of Guelph

Denomination: Baptist
Weekly Attendance: Pre-Covid 40-50, Current State 25-35 plus a virtual (live) attendance of 5-10
Location: Guelph, Ontario
The Role: Full-time Pastoral Team Leader
Position Start Date: January 2023

Meet FBCG:

We are a historic church in downtown Guelph that wants to live out the message of Christ today.  We are rooted and we are flexible.  We have a long history in this community, but we are trying to not be stuck in the past.

We welcome, affirm, protect and support people of all 2SLGBTQ+ identities (2 Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, +).

About the Pastoral Team Leader:

The Pastoral Team Leader provides spirit driven, pastoral leadership to the people of First Baptist Church, Guelph (FBCG) (the Church) so that it can fulfill its mission and purpose as the Body of Christ.  The Pastoral Team Leader will shepherd, preach, teach, mentor and equip the people of the church in the ministries of worship, congregational care, outreach and mission and administration.

Pastoral Team Leader Responsibilities Include: 


       Nurture visionary Christian leadership for the Church.

       Act as the primary spokesperson for the church’s ministries and work with the SLT (Servant Leaders Team) in developing plans for ministry and church growth. 

       Act as pastoral team leader— developing and motivating the pastoral team—encourage and model healthy interpersonal dynamics among the pastoral staff and between the various ministries of the Church . 

       Help develop and recommend strategies for church growth and program improvement.

       Be an active member of the Discernment Committee

     Worship & Ministry 

       Coordinate and help lead creative, celebrative, meaningful worship services.

       Promote lay leadership and congregational involvement in worship and encourage appropriate training and resources where necessary. 

       Edify, equip and challenge the congregation through regular prayer and preaching in worship services.  Work with the Worship Co-ordinator to plan the music and worship ministries of the Church.

     Mission & Outreach  

       Work in collaboration with the SLT as they develop, initiate and evaluate new and existing outreach ministries. 

       Assist the SLT in recruiting and training leaders for the various outreach ministries of the Church.


       The Pastoral Team Leader will encourage, motivate, equip and nurture the people of the Church through example, preaching and teaching, mentoring and spiritual counselling to “equip the saints” for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12)


       Share with the Church Administrator the responsibility for day-to-day Church management and operations through close collaboration. 

       Conduct regular staff meetings and deal with personnel issues enlisting the help of the SLT as necessary. 

       Together with the SLT ensure the implementation of church policies and procedures. 

       Give final approval of Church advertisements and printed materials.

       Together with the SLT oversee Church discipline, manage conflict in the Church and seek to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the Church. (Section 2.2 of the “Handbook”)

     Congregational Care  

       Provide pastoral care and counselling, as qualified, around spiritual, personal, marriage and family issues, as time permits, and provide referrals to professional service providers as necessary. 

       Provide pastoral care and emotional/spiritual support for those who are hospitalized, grieving or shut-in. 

       Support the coordination of visitation and care of the congregation

       Encourage unity and a sense of community within the Church.

     Other Responsibilities  

       Network with other pastors and ministries in the local community. 

       Support and promote the work of the South Central Association of Baptist Churches, the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.


       As a staff member, the Pastoral Team Leader is accountable to the SLT of First Baptist Church Guelph and is expected to regularly report to the SLT as necessary. The Church Pastors are ex-officio members of the FBCG SLT and as such usually attend the SLT meetings, participate in most discussions, and keep the SLT apprised of the work of FBCG.

     Office Hours 

       The position of Pastoral Team Leader requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The pastor should be in the office a sufficient amount of time for accessibility to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the Church staff. 

       Regular office hours will be negotiated with the pastoral team so that the office is staffed on weekday mornings. This time may be used for program preparation, personal study, and administration. The Church will provide office space, a telephone and a telephone and internet access. 

Spiritual Growth and Continuing Education  

       The Pastoral Team Leader shall maintain a regular routine of prayer, reading and devotional Bible study. 

       Opportunities for continuing education may be arranged with the SLT as set out in the FBCG Human Resources Handbook. 

       A more extensive period of continuing education (i.e. Sabbatical) may be considered. (FBCG Human Resources Handbook)

Pastoral Ethics 

       The Pastoral Team Leader is governed by the pastoral ethics policy of the Canadian Baptists Ontario and Quebec, except when in conflict with fully accepting and affirming the 2SLGBTQ+ community; the policies of First Baptist Church, Guelph (see Section 2 Human Resources Handbook) and Christian principles set out in scripture.

Referral Documents used to govern FBCG activities: 

       First Baptist Church, Guelph Human Resources Handbook 

       First Baptist Church, Guelph Constitution 

       Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec Guidelines as appropriate.

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