November 21, 2021

November 14, 2021

What does it mean to you to “love your neighbour"?  Who is a “neighbour"?

How do you treat everyone fairly?

Think of some things that you can do to show love for your neighbour.

November 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered why we wear poppies leading up to Remembrance Day?

This video gives a quick explanation.  Even though it was recorded in Britain it is the same in Canada.

When you think about Remembrance Day, what does it mean to you?

October 31, 2021

October 24, 2021

Luke 12:51-52 says that Jesus came to divide people, that even family members would disagree about Him.

Imagine a line down the middle of the room.  Then think about think about some things you like that other people don't like (ice cream flavours, sports, music)?  Who would be standing on one side and who would be on the other?  

Jesus knew that some people would follow Him and others would not.  But, He doesn't want it to be this way.  He wants everyone to follow Him.

October 17, 2021

OCTOBER 10, 2021

OCTOBER 3, 2021

Think of someone who is great.  What makes them so great?

What does it mean to you to be a servant of God?

How does someone who is the “least" be great with God?

SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

When you think about Jesus, do you usually think about a King?

Think of a King, either in real life or animated.

How is Jesus like that King?  How is Jesus not like that King?

“Kings from long ago didn't care about the lives of the people, but that's where Jesus is different.  Jesus is King over all, which means He cares deeply about all.  All of us, all of our relationships, all of our concerns and cares and worries."

What do hope that Jesus cares about in your life?

SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

(Depending on your child's age)

Watch the Gospel in Chairs video together and discuss it.

What are the differences between the two stories?

Which story tells the most loving story about God?

Or there are worksheets that can be coloured as you discuss good news.

Or work on a poster together that shows the good news of Jesus.  Write something good about Jesus that starts with each letter of the words…

SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Do you like good news or bad?

What is the best news that you have heard lately?

Do you think Jesus is good news or bad news?  Tell us more about that.

One of the good news things that the Bible says about Jesus is that Jesus is the Light of the World.  You might like to do one of the activities below.

Sunday Mornings

Until further notice, all Sunday morning programs have been suspended.

Nursery (Infant-3):  Our nursery is located on the main floor of the church and is staffed with caring volunteers who provide a safe and fun environment for your children with age-appropriate toys, music and snacks.  Parents are welcome to stay with their children or pick up a pager in case your child needs you during the service.

During the service the children are dismissed for Sunday School.  Our Sunday School rooms are located on the upper floor of the church.  Parents can meet their children in the gym (on the main floor) following the service.

“Jesus Club" (JK to gr. 3) and Middlers (gr. 4-8):  Through creative and engaging lessons, children have the chance to learn more about God, make new friends and have lots of fun.