Worship Coordinator, Part-Time

First Baptist Church, Guelph is looking for someone who can plan, lead and coordinate our worship services. We are looking for a creative person who has proven that they can work collaboratively with both staff and volunteers. This person must be able to implement both their own ideas and the ideas of others.
Our ideal person will have some formal music training and will be experienced at leading worship in a church setting. Experience with video, drama, sound technology and PowerPoint would all be deemed helpful.
We are also hoping for someone who has a deep experience of God and who will be open to opportunities for spiritual direction and reflection. It is important to us that our worship coordinator is emotionally and spiritually mature and can help us to experience God together.

The worship coordinator is responsible for the planning and coordination of our Sunday morning services.

We are looking for someone who has solid experience in most of the following areas:

1. Planning and Research (3 hours a week)
The worship coordinator will participate and lead in the planning of vibrant, creative worship services.
Planning will include worship planning team meetings, staff meetings, researching new music and brainstorming creative elements. It will involve selecting music for Sunday services and implementing ideas from the planning meetings in each Sunday service, or coming up with your own ideas.
The worship coordinator will identify training opportunities for worship leaders and volunteers.

2. Leading (6 hours a week)
The worship coordinator needs to be here early on Sunday to guide the set-up process and to practice before the service. He/she will make sure all systems are working smoothly and will troubleshoot as needed.
After the service, he/she will be expected to join in our fellowship time to get to know people better.
The worship coordinator will be the primary worship leader of most services.
He/she will also
encourage and train a few volunteer worship leaders.
be the primary recruiter and trainer of all worship volunteers.
provide musical support and accompaniment as needed.
be well prepared for and lead a practice once a week in preparation for the service.

3. Coordination (5 hours a week)
The worship coordinator will be the coordinator of all the administrative aspects of each worship service.
This includes but is not limited to coordination of:
the creation of the visual material used each week
the worship volunteers and schedule of practices
scheduling of volunteers for music teams and tech support
keeping worship files up to date
becoming proficient at PowerPoint and Worshipplannning.com
coordinating with Choir Director the choir’s involvement in the service
coordinating occasional special music through the choir director
coordinating the maintenance of all related equipment and musical instruments
troubleshooting problems with the sound system and coordinating sound audits when necessary

4. Evaluation (1 hour a week)
The worship coordinator will regularly debrief on worship services with staff and worship planning volunteers.
He/she will also evaluate worship leading on a regular basis and make recommendations for change and improvement

You will be guided by our strategic directions and discernments.
You will work collaboratively with the staff team and with worship volunteers.
You will be accountable to the Pastoral Team Leader.

A bit about us:
We are located in the downtown of Guelph in one of the original, historic churches.
Our services are contemporary with some traditional elements.
We are a theologically diverse church that is associated with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.
We value an openness where people both feel welcome and are welcome to explore their ideas of faith and God in a safe space.
We are trying to create worship services that engage our hearts, our minds and sometimes even our bodies. We want to understand how the spirit is working in our midst.
We value creativity and variety because we understand that people experience God differently and we want our services to help different people to engage with God.

To apply for this position, please send (electronic copies only) your resume and cover letter to Debra Nicholson-Elwell, Pastoral Team Leader at debra@fbcg.ca by November 20, 2018.