We want our Sunday morning services to be life-changing.  We want people to be drawn into a relationship with the Creator in a way that deepens that relationship.

Every week we come together to express our thanks and praise God.  We meet at 10am on Sunday mornings.

Our service is led by our Praise band.  Each week there will be different elements that help us to better understand that morning’s topic.  Sometimes there will be a choir presentation, a drama, or a video.

There is always a talk about how different aspects of the Bible apply to our everyday lives.

We think worship (what we do on Sunday morning) is about connecting and communicating with God.  But, our goal is not just to do that on Sunday morning.  Our goal is to become people who do this every day.  You will find people here who use a wide variety of spiritual practices to enhance their private worship throughout the week.

Sunday morning becomes a collective expression of our worship.