27, March, 2022Posted by :Amy


Is all truth subjective?  Is there such a thing as absolute truth?

Can you hold to the idea of absolute truth and still be non-judgmental?

How have you handled the many “truths” of COVID?  Has the question of “What is truth?” impacted your relationships?

One of the key questions of our passage today is the question of “What is truth?”  Discuss who is asking the question, why they are asking the question, who they are asking the question to and what is the answer to that question.

What do you think about John’s sympathetic view of Pilate?  Have you ever told the same story to different groups of people with a different slant, so that they could identify with the story better?

Have you thought much about the Baptist belief of separation of church and state?  Do you think this is important?  Can you think of situations in history or in our world today that might be different if the church and the government had not been working together.