20, March, 2022Posted by :Amy


  1. What would you say to Peter if you had met him on the night that he had betrayed Jesus?  
  1. It was during the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 to 1970 where millions of its people had suffered from the ravages of war, starvation, and disease; at this time, the American Red Cross became involved and gathered needed relief supplies for the Nigerian people.  One of the donated boxes that showed up at the collection depot contained an interesting letter to go along with some most unusual items.  

The letter read: “We have recently been converted to Christianity and because of our conversion; we want to try to help.  We won’t ever need these again.  Can you use them for something?”  

Inside the box were several Ku Klux Klan robes.  Not wanting anything to go to waste, the Red Cross workers cut these robes into small strips to use for bandages.  These KKK robes, which once had been the symbol of racism and hatred, were now used as bandages of love.

Have you ever seen something or someone get a second chance?  What was it like?  

  1. Reflect on a failure in your life that you could share with others to give them hope and encouragement.
  1.  Do you think Peter was up for the challenge of leading the early church?  Why do you think that Jesus chose Peter?
  1.  When the high priest questions Jesus in John 18:19 – 21 about his teachings Jesus said that he has done nothing in secret.  He has always taught in synagogues or temples or out in the open.  He tells the high priest to ask the people who heard him what his message was.  

At the same time, Peter was denying that he even knew Jesus.  

How would we answer this question today if we were asked what the message of Jesus is?  Do you find it hard to share that message in your everyday life?