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Questions for families with younger children

Do you like good news or bad news?

What is the best news that you have heard lately?

Do you think Jesus is good news or bad news?    Tell us more about that.

One of the good news things that the Bible says about Jesus is that Jesus is the light of the world.  You might want to do one of the following sheets.  

Light of the World Word Search

Light of the World Colouring Page

Light of the World Maze

Reflection Questions

Do you know anyone personally who is susceptible to conspiracy theories?  Have you found a way to continue this relationship or has it ended your relationship?  

What attracted you to the good news of Jesus?  What felt like good news?  Did anything feel like bad news?  

What are the important things that are a part of what you believe that the gospel is?  Are you comfortable talking with other people about the gospel?

Does your view of the gospel affect your lifestyle?  Your relationships?  How or how not?

Here is some background information about the topic you may be interested in…

Article: What is the Gospel? Marcus Borg


A Conspiracy of Love, Following Jesus in a Postmodern World by Kurt Struckmeyer