16, May, 2021Posted by :Amy


Pausing to Pray
God, who are you? I want to know you but my vision is so distorted, my mind is so small, my heart is so constricted.
How could you live in such tiny boxes? Ah, but you don’t! I do!
Rescue me from the prison of my puny understanding! Turn on the lights so I can catch a glimpse of the same Eternal Love that Jesus revealed. Give me the gift of Christlike vision that burns through the fog that blinds me to pure Goodness. Lord, let it be!
Prayer by Jersak, Bradley. A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel (p. 24). CWR Press. Kindle Edition. 
Reflection Questions
How comfortable are you bringing your questions to Jesus?

What is something that you have been asking God/Jesus to show you?

Our broken images of God often have their beginnings in early life experiences.  Have you ever felt like God was treating you special or abandoning you or punishing you?

Is your instinct to run towards God or to hide from God?  When have you been the most thankful for God?  When have you been the most disappointed with God?

Make a list of the things that you know or believe to be true about Jesus.  Do you think that these things accurately reflect who the Father is?