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Here are some books that you might find helpful if you are questioning…. I have not read all of them but all of them have been read by people in our congregation and people have found them valuable.

Faith Shift – Kathy Escobar

Falling Upward – Richard Rohr

Faith Unraveled – Rachel Held Evans

Searching for Sunday – Rachel Held Evans

The Sin of Certainty – Peter Enns

The Bible Tells Me So – Peter Enns

The Heart of Christianity – Marcus Borg

Several of these authors also have blogs and podcasts that you can subscribe to.


If you would like to think more about your core beliefs here is a straightforward exercise…

Remember core beliefs are not facts… they are beliefs.  They often originate in childhood and they may or may not be true.  They are often stubborn and persistent.  

Finish the following statements…  

Do not think deeply about them.  Just write the first things that come into your mind.  

I am _________________________________________________________

Other people are ___________________________________________

The world is __________________________________________________

When you think about these statements how do you feel about them?  Where do you think these beliefs came from?  What experiences have contributed to you holding on them? Who in your life holds similar views?

Do these core beliefs still serve you?  What beliefs would be more helpful to you?   

This time write down three beliefs about yourself that you think would help you going forward.

I am ______________________________________________________

Other people are ________________________________________

The world is ______________________________________________

How do you feel about these beliefs?  What experiences have shown you that these would be helpful beliefs?  Do you know anyone who exhibits these beliefs?

When your old beliefs show up try to remember where they came from and why they are no longer helpful.  Think about your new beliefs and think about how you would interpret things with your new beliefs.