Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions (for use during the message and throughout the week)

Here are some questions to consider as you think about your image of God.

  1.  Does your picture of God inspire trust and love?
  2.  Does your picture of God inspire fear and suspicion?
  3. Does what you say you believe God is like match the way you live your life in relation to God?
  4. Can you get past your words to the deep places in your heart to see what that picture of god is?

There are many different pictures that one might hold of God.  Usually someone has a combination of images.

Here are some biblical images of God to consider as you get started.  Are any of these part of your image of God? Here are just a few…
King, Shepherd, Comforter, Counselor, Healer, Helper, Mother Hen, Waiting father 

Here are some unhelpful images of God for you to consider… 
Judge, Party Pooper, Santa Claus, Vending Machine, Accountant

Here is a short and I hope helpful article about our images of God.


Below are some links that open a world of possibility and opportunity during this time that we are spending on our own.  Our hope is that these give some ideas as well as start you off on your own journey of discovery and meaningful times individually and with family.

Sacred space is an online Jesuit site that provides a place to pray and contemplate scripture each day.  The website will guide you through the prayer and give you ideas if you feel stuck somewhere.

COVID19 doesn’t mean that we are sitting around bored.  You may be extremely busy right now. Work and family might be more demanding than usual.  You might be a front line worker who is exhausted. You might be super busy trying to set up meaningful family activities.

Could you take 3 minutes to focus yourself spiritually?  3-minute retreat is a Jesuit site that offers an online mini retreat.