We are praying for so many things right now.

I hope that we can also take some time to stop and pray for those in our congregation or networks who need our prayers.

As we pray I hope that you will make an extra effort to let us know how we can pray for you?

Please pray for:
Barney (Shirley) Higham and family on the loss of John Higham.

Bob Hannah’s health, there are further medical complications.

Wilda Thumm as she recovers from a recent surgery.

Please pray for our community and for the front-line and essential workers who work in it.

Please continue to pray for:
Nene Lott’s sister, Ruth.  Ruth has terminal cancer and Nene would like us to pray for her care and for support for the family.

Kevin Butler, (Danny and Beth Butler’s son) who continues to work through his on-going health issues.  

Praise for:
Laurene Bayer (Nene Lott’s daughter); Nene is giving thanks that there is no sign of life on the tumour.  However, the medications Laurene is taking is creating other complications, such as mobility issues and short term memory loss.  She is feeling discouraged, so continue to pray for her mental health and rehabilitation.