17, April, 2022Posted by :Amy


What is your favourite Easter memory?

Which do you think is more important in the Christian faith, Christmas or Easter?  Which do you most enjoy and why?

Why do you think so many conspiracy theories are linked to this chapter in John?  How interested are you in these conspiracy theories?  

Who do you think the beloved disciple is?

John could be linking this story that takes place in a garden with the creation story and the first garden.  Do you see any similarities or differences?

Do you find it hard or easy to have a relationship with Jesus/God that is intimate?  Do you relate to Jesus/God more with your head or heart?  Do you think one way of relating to Jesus/God is better than the other?  Do you think a relationship with God will just be through the head or the heart or is it better if it  is with  the head and the heart?

For the mystery lovers among us…

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