03, April, 2022Posted by :Amy


Who do you think killed Jesus so far?  The Jews, the Romans, the fundamentalists?  Is it uncomfortable for you to think that humans killed Jesus?  Do you think God had Jesus killed?

Have you ever seen fundamentalism in action first hand?  What was it like?  How do you feel about it now?

In this passage the religious leaders become what they are opposing?  Have you ever seen that happen to someone?  Has that ever happened to you?

What would it look like for the church to be the facilitators of sacred questions and not the keepers of inscrutable truths? 

Is it frustrating that there are no answers to some of life’s most important questions?  Or do you have certainty about life’s most important questions?  

How can we grow in our ability to dialogue? How can we as a church have a culture that does not affirm fundamentalism and yet be welcoming to all?