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  1. Have you ever seen extravagant worship or sacrificial love?  How did you feel?  
  1. Mary pouring perfume on Jesus feet and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples are considered parallel stories in John.  What parallels do you see?  What does each story speak to you about?
  1. How do you feel when you serve others?  How do you feel when others serve you?  Are you more comfortable with giving or receiving?
  1. Have you heard the term “priesthood of every believer”?  What does it mean to you?   Here is a short description taken from a Canadian Baptist document…

The Priesthood of All Believers

The Bible affirms the value of each person as having been created in the image of God, and also declares each person morally responsible for his/her own nature and behaviour. Baptists believe that inherent in the worth of each person is also the right and competency of each individual personally to deal directly with God through Jesus Christ. This principle also suggests our responsibility to serve other believers in intercession and nurture: we are priests to each other.  Baptists believe that no group or individual has any right to compel others—forcefully or politically—to believe or worship as they do. Rather, Baptists have historically been champions of religious liberty.

CBOQ Website

  1. Do you see any links between the parallel stories and the priesthood of every believer?  What do you think a church would look like if it practiced this principle? How would you feel about fulfilling “priestly” duties?