31, January, 2021Posted by :Amy

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“Rational certitude is exactly what the Scriptures do not offer us. They offer us something much better and an entirely different way of knowing: an intimate relationship, a dark journey, a path where we must discover for ourselves that grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness are absolutely necessary for survival in an uncertain world. You only need enough clarity and ground to know how to live without certitude!”  Richard Rohr

How important is certainty to you?  Can you identify with the experience of needing certainty in the big questions of life?  

How easy/difficult is faith for you?

Have you discovered things like grace, mercy, love and forgiveness and how have they changed the journey for you?

Would you find the Bible easier to deal with if the mystery and the miracles were cut out?

Is it hard for you to live in mystery?  Have you ever experienced God as mystery?  

Do you think miracles still happen today?  Have you ever witnessed anything that you think God intervened in?