23, January, 2021Posted by :Amy

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What do you believe right now?  

Is there more than meets the eye going on in the world right now?  

Is there something “more”?  

Do you call this “more” God?

How do we know what God is like?

Is there one definitive view of who God is?

How comfortable are you with the data sources that were mentioned? (witness from the past, religious experience, science

Do you think that science and the Bible or science and the Christian faith are compatible?

If you are familiar with the Bible how would you describe God in the Bible?

Can we learn anything new about God from any other source except the Bible? Which sources?

Can we still learn new things about God from the Bible?

In the movie Evan Almighty, God claims that people miss the point of the story of Noah’s ark.  They think it is about God’s anger but really it is a love story.  Is there any story about God that is not a love story?