18, July, 2020Posted by :Amy

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Creator of the Universe, your creation is too wonderful and great for our small and finite human minds to comprehend. We find that the only response to the magnificence of creation we can muster is a humble awe. O God help us to realize our smallness in the face of a vast universe. Help us to join in the rest of your creation in singing your praises to eternity. Amen.

Discussion Questions

  1. How important is creation care to you?  
  2. What are your fears about or sadnesses concerning the abuse of creation?
  3. What stops you sometimes from making creation care a more important part of your life?
  4. Write your own lament or responsive prayer.  Alternate between your fears and sadnesses in number 2 with a phrase from Jeremiah 4 about the earth.
    “The earth shall mourn.” (Jeremiah 4:28)
    “I looked on the earth and lo, it was waste and void.” (Jeremiah 4:23)
    “I cannot keep silent.”  (Jeremiah 4:19) Read Colossians 1:15-20 and 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.
  5. What is the good news for creation?  What is the role of people in this good news?  What does that mean to you?