20, June, 2020Posted by :Amy

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Community Practices – Gratitude

  1. The Roman philosopher Cicero held that “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others”. What do you think he means?  Is this how you see gratitude?
  2. How easy is it for you to be grateful?  What are you grateful for?  When do you find it hard to express gratitude?
  3. Is there something that you are grateful for in our church community?  Is there someone that you are grateful for in our church community?
  1. What would it look like if we were a community of gratitude?  How hard would it be for us to become this?
  1. How could the intentional practice of gratitude be part of our church community practices?
  1. What do you think would happen if more gratitude was cultivated and expressed in our church community?